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How To Commission A Bespoke Piece?

So you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone?  Have you been searching for hours but just cant find that gift which captures everything they love?


With my exclusive bespoke service, you can have an item designed to your exact requirements.  Want an image of a hedgehog shuffling through a meadow of poppies?  Looking for a river scene with a field of poppies in the distance?  Then my exclusive bespoke service is perfect for you.

Commissioning a bespoke piece couldn’t be easier, so whatever your needs get in touch and together we’ll create something personal, memorable and incredibly unique.

Step 1. Message me!

First step is to make initial contact with me; making sure you send your contact details and the best day and time to call

Step 2. I will call you

We will discuss what you want your design to incorporate, from the largest details to the most minute detail!


Step 3. The exciting part begins!

Once I’ve received your 50% deposit the exciting part begins and work will start on your project!

Step 4. Regular updates and progress photos!

During the design and development of your project, I will send regular updates via email and will even send you progress photos so you can see how things are progressing!

Step 5. Into the oven it goes!

Once your project is complete I will send detailed photos to make sure you’re 100% happy with the finished design.

I will then bake it in the oven to set and protect the paintwork for years to come!

Final Step - Post!

The final 50% payment is now due, and once payment is received, your item will be packaged with the utmost of care, attention and copius amounts of bubble wrap, and in the sturdiest box I could find before being posted to you!

Ready to get started?

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If you're looking for that special gift, and want to commission me, use the form below, or call or email detailing your requirements and I'll get in touch with you soon!

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