Wine, whiskey and a song! Or in my case wine, whiskey and a wonderful glass!!!


I like to create something different, unique and definitely not on the high street, my work is about art and the practical fusion of this on everyday objects.


A lot of people I know drink out of a favourite tea cup or mug and I thought I would apply this principle to glass ware. Whether you drink beer, gin, champagne, prosecco, wine, whisky or rum I have a beautiful glass for you.


Drinking is very much an experience these days, and I am caught up in this. My glasses are all hand painted, created to add a little sparkle to your drinks cabinet.  As a gift, these creations will delight your friends and family and it will become a beautiful glass to treasure.


I have some ready designed glasses available, or you can commission a glass to personalise it.


Meg x

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Contact me to commission a bespoke miniature work of art; a very personal, thoughtful, unique, one-of-a-kind gift.

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