Sea Glass Artisans is a fusion of two people;  jewellery designer Lesley and flora and fauna glass artist Meg. Brought together by our love of glass, art and design, we are creating beautiful wearable objects that you will never find on the high street.

Lesley is the glass seeker and beachcomber living a stones throw away from a beach, so many of the pieces we offer are genuine rare finds and not commercially made. A beach is a magical place where the journey of a piece of sea glass will often run in parallel lines with history, people who long ago visited and maybe threw a bottle into the sea. This could have happened over a 100 years ago. Sea glass always has a history and mystery as old as the start of glass manufacturing.

Sea glass takes years to wash onto our shores. One piece will have endured years and years of tumbling and sand blasting before it morphs into a jewel, often known in folklore as mermaids tears!

We hope you love our unique pieces, bringing sea glass to life by art and design.

Meg x



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