If you are reading this, welcome to my new web site!




I feel exceedingly proud and very grown up to have my own web space to display my beautiful and unique works of art, and a lot of the thanks has to go to my web designer Jennifer from Calibrant Digital who has brought it all together beautifully.



Writing a blog is a new concept to me; however recently I have been journaling my feelings and thoughts, as a woman of a certain age (50 +), I suppose I ought to explain why I am here!



My working background could be said to be eclectic. I have never settled down to a career and done one thing; I never really knew what I wanted or how I wanted my working life to take shape.  We all do what we have to do to pay bills, however in my 50’s I felt all washed up, I had lost my bloom in the work place and in myself.



I walked away from my last job not knowing how it was all going to be for me, to say I was in a dark space in my mind was an understatement.   My husband told me to take the summer to decide, he was kind, I hadn’t got a clue.



That first weekend I started to paint on some garden terracotta pots with the grandchildren with a cheap set of paints and brushes.  We had great fun and produced some lovely pots, when they went home I was hooked and painted one of my own!  I am too embarrassed to show you any of them as they were not very good!  Honest! In that process of thinking about the designs and loosing myself in the hours it took to paint them, I began to heal little by little.



Two years on, here I am; a late bloomer as my Mum would say!



My passion has always been our lovely small garden, walking the dog, feeding the birds, wild flowers and wildlife.  I started to paint on some old jam jars; I know it’s crazy when I say it out loud or in this case write it down!  I placed one on Facebook and a friend commented that she loved them and wanted to buy one! I was astounded, happy and frightened all in the same breath, I wasn’t an artist, were they good enough?



I am now hand paint on glass, crystal, mirrors and sea glass; also I will soon be trying my hand at putting my own designs onto cushions and fabric, I have come a long way and still have much to learn.



So my dear friends and supporters I hope in some small way you feel encouraged to try something new.  Perhaps you too want to change the pace of your life? Maybe you have always wanted to sew, paint, craft, write a book, grow your own vegetables, run a reading group, make the world a better place by sharing your knowledge with others… do it you never know until you try.



I cannot claim my work will change the world, but I can honestly say a little piece of my heart and soul goes into every piece I paint and gifting my unique works of art on glass will really make your gifting stand out from the crowd.



As an artisan business there will not be masses of stock but beautiful curated pieces that I hope you will love as much as I do when painting them.



I am looking forward to walking this journey with you.

Meg xx